Efficient Infrared Technology

ESHC technology is what sets Welltherm’s infrared heater’s apart from the rest. 

The problem with the majority of infrared heaters is that they do not work as intended.

This is especially true at the cheaper end of the market. Where the panel’s surface doesn’t get hot enough to emit truly effective infrared waves.  Essentially just a hot plate on the wall. Not providing the true infrared effect.

However with ESHC (Entire Surface Heat Conductor) Welltherm heaters provide truly effective infrared heat. 

ESHC is an innovative technology developed in Germany and used by biotech companies as well as Welltherm heaters. 

The special aspect of ESCH heating technology is that more than 70 % of the heating surface is covered by heating conductors.

This results in excellent heat distribution and efficiency. For most other infrared products this value is between 6 % and 23 %. 

More Heat Effective

By having more of the heating surface coved in heating conductors, electricity is tuned into heat more efficiently.

Thanks to long-term research and development, Welltherm have effectively applied this principle into their heaters.  Welltherm have a profound knowledge of heating systems.

In tests and lab analysis by independent facilities, the radiation factor of infrared can be compared.  


Welltherm Infrared Heater
  • Proportion of heat Radiation: 85 %
  • Heat Transfer Coeffect: 0.6
  • Max Surface Temperature: 107 °C

Competitor 1

  • Proportion of heat Radiation: 74.3 %
  • Heat Transfer Coeffect: 0.51
  • Max Surface Temperature: 95 °C

Competitor 2

  • Proportion of heat Radiation: 62.9 %
  • Heat Transfer Coeffect: 0.44
  • Max Surface Temperature: 91 °C

The level of radiation is calculated from the ratio of the radiation factor in reference to a maximum radiation efficiency of 0.7. The radiation factor was measured by way of a measuring process based on DIN EN 416-2 and IEC 60675. This describes the ratio of radiated infrared power to the electrical power used and is expressed as a percentage value.

In the lab tests the affect of ESHC can be seen. 

The heater transfers energy into heat more efficiently. Resulting in a hotter heating surface and a more effective infrared affect.  


The design of the Welltherm ESHC infrared heaters in detail

Its what’s inside that matters. 

The drawing above shows the schematic construction of Welltherm infrared heating systems.

More Insulation Less heat Lost More Efficient  Less Waste

For maximum quality and efficiency, the ESHC heating conductor is made using the high quality stainless steel. While reverse heating circuits reduce unwanted magnetic fields to a minimum.

With an infrared heater, its important the heat is transferred into the front panel.

The heating element is surrounded thermally resistant silicone insulation. Which optimises heat transfer to the front panel by eliminating wasted energy. 

Heat to the rear of the heater is simply waste. In order to reduce the loss of heat a thermally insulating mat is used to the rear of the panel.

Based on ESHC heating technology, ESHC+ further develops the technology. Specially developed for all Welltherm metal heaters, ESHC+ heating conductor is fully encased in substrate layers with optimal heat conductivity.

This further maximises the heat transfer so even more heat given is emitted.

The increased insulation on the back of the heating conductor sustainably reduces heat lost from the back.

With EHSC+ technology, all Welltherm metal heaters achieve excellent radiation values (0.7 – method of measurement based on DIN EN 416-2 and IEC 60675).