How Infrared Electric Heaters Work

The Infrared Principle

Infrared electric heaters emit thermal radiation through infrared waves. 

The infrared waves act as radiant heat, which will warm objects they come into contact with. In a similar way to how the sun works.  

Infrared waves move through the air and are absorbed by physical objects. This includes things in the room such as the walls, furniture as well as your body. As the objects absorb the infrared waves they will become warm. 

Heats objects rather than the air

Unlike conventional heating systems, infrared heaters do not directly warm the air in the room.

Instead, they warm the room by creating a mutual heat between the heating physical objects and bodies in the room. 

Physical objects are denser than air, which makes them better at storing heat. The heat can be stored for up to 3x longer.

Also, as result of this, infrared generates an especially comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

There’s no movement of air required, so they don’t create turbulent air. Reducing the dust circulating in the room and improving the air quality. 

Also, as infrared waves provide constant drying effect to the walls in the room. There’s very little opportunity for mould to grow.

Comfortable, Silent and Healthy Heating

One thing customers immediately point with infrared heaters is the higher level of comfort. You can feel the impact of the heater on your skin. The feeling is similar to the heat from the sun. 

Also, they are are completely silent when in operation.  

As infrared electric heaters primarily heat the objects and bodies in the room, they don’t create the dry air feeling typically associated with electric heaters – such as convector heaters.

In addition, infrared heaters don’t produce turbulent air. They don’t move dust or other particles around the room. Making infrared heaters ideal for people asthma or other breathing problems. 

The infrared heat radiation emitted by infrared heaters causes a constant drying of the walls. Preventing damp patches and mould from growing. 

Exclusive to Welltherm Heaters

Highly Efficient Heating Technology


ESHC technology is what sets Welltherm’s infrared heater’s apart from the rest. 

ESHC (Entire Surface Heat Conductor) is an innovative heating technology developed in Germany. Among the users of this technology are large German companies and important biotech companies. For example, used to dry tissue samples in pathology in order to examine them under the electron microscope. This application only allows a tolerance of a mere 0.5 °C.

The special aspect of this heating technology (which is only used on Welltherm infrared heaters) is that more than 70 % of the heater’s heating surface is covered by heating conductors. This results in excellent heat distribution and efficiency. For most other infrared products this value is between 6 % and 23 %. 

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