Which Infrared Heater is best for each room?  

If you’re unsure which one of our infrared heaters is best suited to your room, this guide should point you in the right direction. 

The requirements of each room are different. The needs for the Livingroom, Bedroom and Bathroom, in terms of safety and effectiveness, require different features from the heater. 

The Bathroom

By nature bathrooms are wet. Therefore a bathroom heater must be splash proof. Ideally with an IP rating of at least IPx4. To ensure that the heater has sufficient protection against water and condensation. All our infrared heaters are IPx4 rated and can be viewed here.  

Also, if the heater is going in a bathroom, its likely you’ll want to dry your towels.  Space and cost restrictions mean, in many circumstances, having a separate bathroom heater and towel rail is not an option. Which is why we have towel rails which can be retro fitted onto your infrared heater.  Letting you dry and warm towels using the heat radiated from the heater’s front panel. 

We also offer the a bathroom specific infrared heater. This model uses a dual heating system. The panel is divided from top to bottom. The top is the room heating zone. The bottom is adapted for towel drying. The main impact of this is the top of the heater is warmer and provides more heat into the room. Then the bottom is cooler and safer if you touch the panel when adding or removing towels. 

The Livingroom

The Livingroom is probably the easiest room to heat. However they require the highest level of comfort. Which is why infrared heaters are perfect for living areas.  

The various options when it comes to mounting the an infrared heater makes them ideal for a Livingroom. Our infrared heaters can be mounted Horizontal, vertical or on the celling. Making it easy to install the heater close to where you’ll be sat.

The main thing to watch out for, is the wattage of the heater and the room size. You need to make sure the heater’s power output is correctly matched to the room size. If the heater is too small for the room it wont be effective or efficient in heating the space.

Our infrared heaters can be viewed here.   

The Bedroom

Bedrooms have similar requirements to the Livingroom.

However, one immediate difference is that in a bedrooms being where we sleep, any noise could be an annoying disturbance.  

As infrared heaters operate silently they are perfect for bedrooms. 

Our infrared heaters can be viewed here.  

Children’s Rooms

The initial “red Flag” with infrared heaters in children’s rooms, is the hot surface temperature and the possibility of burns.

although this can be said about any radiator, its often brought up as a problem with infrared heaters. 

However, if your worried about children burning themselves – We believe infrared heaters are still the safest option.   

With a conventional heating system, the Radiators are mounted relatively low and still get hot, around 60 – 70 degrees. Still hot enough to burn or cause pain to the skin. 

Infrared heaters offer a solution to completely eliminate this problem. 

As they are the only heat source that can be mounted on the ceiling.  Therefore far out of reach, leaving no possibility of the heater being touched. 

Our infrared heaters can be viewed here.