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Infrared Panel

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ESHC technology is what sets Welltherm’s infrared heater’s apart from the rest. 

ESHC (Entire Surface Heat Conductor) is an innovative heating technology developed in Germany. Among the users are large German DAX companies as well as important biotech companies. For example, used to dry tissue samples in pathology in order to examine them under the electron microscope of leading lab equipment manufacturers. This application only allows a tolerance of a mere 0.5 °C.

The special aspect of this heating technology (which is only used on Welltherm infrared heaters) is that more than 70 % of the heater’s heating surface is covered by heating conductors. This results in excellent heat distribution and efficiency. For most other infrared products this value is between 6 % and 23 %. 

Based on our ESHC heating technology, ESHC+ further develops this technology. Specially developed for all Welltherm metal heaters, ESHC+ heating conductor is fully encased in substrate layers with optimal heat conductivity.

This maximises the heat given off into the room from the front of the heater. The increased insulation on the back of the heating conductor sustainably reduces heat lost from the back. Thanks to EHSC+ technology, all Welltherm metal heaters achieve excellent radiation efficiency values (0.7 – method of measurement based on DIN EN 416-2 and IEC 60675).

Heating without Restrictions



or the Ceiling

Due to limitations on wall space, we’re constantly asked for vertical or celling mounted electric heaters. 

With the Welltherm Metal infrared heaters there’re multiple installation options.

They can be installed, horizontal, upright or even on the ceiling.  Making it possible to heat spaces where there would normally not be enough space for a radiator.

Heater Sizes

ModelPower, WDimensions, mmHeated Space, m3Weight, kg
PB0710710 119.2 x 59.210-1414
PB0910910149.2 x 59.23-1817