Welltherm 660W Infrared Bathroom Panel Heater With Towel Bars, Timer, Anthracite

  • Infrared Electric Heater
  • Flat panel steel surface with two towel bars
  • Used highly effective and energy efficient ESCH Technology
  • Wall mounted
  • Wireless Programmer Timer and Thermostat
  • Anthracite colour
  • Splash proof IPX4 rated
  • Super slimline depth
  • Adaptive heat output for energy-efficient towel drying in the lower part of the heater.
  • Efficient room temperature control using a high-performance heating element in the upper part of the bathroom heater.
  • ERP LOT20 compliant
  • Power Outpus: 660W
  • Width: 600mm. Height: 1500mm
  • Suitable for Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 Year Guarantee


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Infrared Electric Bathroom Heater

Infrared electric heaters are a new, energy efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home. The ultra-thin panel means they’re slimline and unobtrusive in the room. Tailored for the bathroom, this model features a dual heating system. The panel is divided from top to bottom. The top is the room heating zone. The bottom is adapted for towel drying. The main impact of this is the top of the heater is warmer and provides more heat into the room. Then the bottom is cooler and safer if you touch the panel when adding or removing towels.

The Welltherm infrared bathroom wall heater features a wireless timer and room thermostat. It has a flat panel steel surface fitted with two metal bars for hanging towels. The heater is finished in anthracite, which is robust and easy to clean. It is splash proof (IPX4 rated) and suitable to use in bathroom zone 2. . Using the latest energy efficiency technology, the Welltherm infrared room heater is efficient and economic to run.


Infrared, a better heating experience

Infrared heating technology has many benefits.  However, first it’s important to know why infrared is different to other heating methods.

The main difference from conventional heating systems is that infrared heaters do not directly warm the air in the room. Conventional electric heaters will only heat the air, which can create an uncomfortable dry or stuffy feeling. Instead, infrared electric heaters emit direct thermal radiation via infrared waves. This creates a more comfortable living environment.

The infrared waves from the heater are absorbed by physical objects, which become warm to touch and store heat.  This means the room can stay warm for three times as long compared to heaters which warm the air).

Infrared electric heaters provide constant drying of the walls. Leaving very little chance for moisture to form and mould to grow.

Also, there’s a reduction of dust circulating in the room, improving the air quality in the room, benefiting people with allergies or other breathing difficulties.


ESHC, Efficient Heating Technology.

The problem with the majority of infrared heaters is that they do not work as well as intended. The heating panels do not get hot enough to emit truly effective infrared waves.  This means they are essentially just a hot plate on the wall, not providing the true infrared effect.

ESHC technology is what sets Welltherm’s infrared heater’s apart from the rest. Most infrared panels have a maximum surface temperature around 90°C, whereas Welltherm’s is 107 °C. Resulting in more powerful and effective heating.

Welltherm’s research and development has lead to technological advancements, making their heaters some of the most energy efficient on the market. Welltherm’s use ESHC technology ensures a strong and effective infrared effect. With ESHC technology more than 70 % of the heating surface is covered by heating conductors. This results in excellent heat distribution and efficiency (for most other infrared products this value is between 6 % and 23 %). Basically, the larger the proportion of radiation of an infrared heating system, the more efficiently electrical energy will be turned into thermal heat.

For maximum quality and efficiency, the ESHC heating conductor’s geometry is made from highest-quality stainless steel. Reverse heating circuits reduce unwanted magnetic fields to a minimum.

With an infrared heater, its important the heat is transferred into the front panel. Heat transmission to the rear of the heater is simply a waste of energy. In order to reduce the loss of heat a thermally insulating mat is used to the rear of the panel and the heating element is surrounded with thermally resistant insulation. This leads to optimum heat transfer to the front of the infrared heater, with maximum safety.


Wireless Control.

Our Infrared electric radiators are controlled by a very neat and easy to use battery operated remote wireless room

Our Infrared electric radiators are controlled remotely by an easy to use wireless room thermostat which is battery operated.

You can program the timer to operate up to 3 times every day. It can also run at different times each day if required. The required room temperatures can then be set, ensuring efficiency and meeting your requirements.

The wireless room control can wall mounted or placed on a mobile stand. It can be locked to prevent unwanted program changes.


Function and Convenience

Welltherm are a German manufacturer of infrared heaters. With years of research and and development, they have managed to produce technology which makes their infrared electric heaters some of (if not the most) effective and efficient heaters on the market.

100% made in Germany, manufactured to the highest quality standards and backed by a comprehensive 5 year guarantee, you can buy with absolute confidence.

The versatility and mounting options of infrared heaters make them the most convenient heating system. They can be mounted horizontal or vertical, perfect if your short on wall space.

Also a unique features of infrared heaters is that they can be mounted on the ceiling.  The celling is best position for the distributing the infrared waves.  As it removed obstacles which could block the heat. Additionally when ceiling mounted the heater is out of touching distance, removing the possibility of burning yourself on the heater’s hot surface.


  • Connection voltage: 230 V
  • Surface temperature: 110-120 ° C
  • Colour: White
  • Power supply: 1/N/PE 230 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • IP rating: IPX4
  • Power cable: 1850 mm, white
ModelPower, WDimensions (H x W x D), mmNo of RailsWeight, kg
BP*0660660 600 x 1500 x 17218.7

Getting the right size heater is essential. Otherwise, the room will not be sufficiently heated . We will be happy to advise you in selecting the right size radiator for your needs. So, please feel free to get in touch!

Need more info? Read more on infrared heating here

Additional information

Heating Technology

ESHC Infrared Electric Heater Technology



Room Planning

Room Planning

Unsure on what size and how many heaters you need?

The size of the room and the space your heating makes a huge impact on the power (Wattage) required. 

Only if the right number of infrared heaters with the appropriate output are selected will a comfortable and cosy warmth be created. In particular, the position of the heater significantly influences heat perception and efficiency. That’s why we suggest: Do not leave anything to chance when planning your project – get in touch if you’re unsure. 

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